Alpha Testing

Welcome to the social resource sharing network, matching you with other users with similar interests. Don't expect a lot of functionality in this early prototype, it is a foundation for us to build upon, taking ideas and suggestions from everyone who uses it. At the moment it would be a great help for everyone to add a few interests to their profile so we have some test data to play with. We may find we need categories, more interest types, to be able to show skill levels, references, add friends or followers, so many possibilities, but what would you find useful? Bugs and ideas can be discussed in the Forums.

Mission Statement

To connect people with similar interests. Using a structured database to allow matching algorithms to put you in touch with local people, events, skills, services, and information that you otherwise may have missed. To be a valuable resource for sharing and collaborating. Ideally providing an alternative to the corporate mainstream, allowing the algorithm to be designed by us for us to benefit us.